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Sunday, January 4, 2015

The Journey of 7 bridges... Hiking Hanging Lake in the Winter

This is where my wife and I were married and we revisit it every year. I've done two other posts on this exact hike so if there is something here missing you might find it in this post or perhaps this one. It's a moderate to difficult hike in the winter time but it's definitely worth it. You'll definitely need some yak tracks and hiking poles but the poles are optional. We saw some wearing snow shoes but it didn't look necessary and appeared to be way too much work. Of course bring a drink and a snack for when you get to the top. There are seven bridges that you must cross before you get to the final stretch which is also the most difficult part of the hike. If you're overweight or scared of heights then this might be too much for you. This part can be treacherous. Make sure to hold on to the railing and have proper footing (see photos below). Once you get to the top you can walk around the lake and under the falls and depending on the temperature you'll see if the water is actually flowing or frozen. After you have explored the lake, you can hike up a little further and see spouting rock. Like I said, if it's been a cold winter you might not see any water flowing and it'll be frozen shut. Nonetheless you should see breathtaking icicles and you should get more than one good photo. Here are each of the seven bridges and what you can expect of them around the winter time. It took us about 2 hours and 20 minutes for the trailhead then up to the top and down with ample time to explore and mess around. In that time we went 3.7 miles. If you're planning on being up there awhile bundle up. With that said, practically anyone can do this hike with a little inspiration. Good luck! Be safe & enjoy the photos!