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Sunday, March 29, 2015

An ant carrying a spider for its meal.

Not really trail related but I am always fascinated finding animals doing what they do. Here is a short video I filmed in early Spring in a parking lot in Fort Collins, Colorado. Looks like the ant is about to have a good meal.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Doe herd at Horsetooth Moutain Open Space. 3/9/2015

 My friend and I took a hike in the snow melt up at Horsetooth. We went from the trail head to Horsetooth Falls then hooked a right onto the Spring Creek Trail. About five to ten minutes into that particular path, we spotted 8 total Mule deer, 2 doe and 6 fawn. At first we were somewhat alarmed as we noticed the direction we had been walking was basically coming between the fawn and the doe so we backed up a little bit to take pictures and let them know we were passing through. These little moments hiking in the foothills of N. Colorado are amazing! Go out there today and see some for yourself! :)

Also, check out this video from my new YouTube channel!