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Friday, August 5, 2011

Public Beach Access. Wrightsville Beach, NC 7/15/11

Location: Public Beach Access. Wrightsville Beach, NC 7/15/11
Date: 7/15/2011
How far we went: 'Bout 120 miles down I-40 East
How long it took us: Half of a day
Elevation reached: Sea-Level
Weather: Hot and humid, breezy. 

Decided to head down to Wilmywood (Wilmington, NC) and wound up at Wrightsville Beach. Not a bad little spot. Didn't feel like taking too many pictures. Public parking meters were 2.00 an hour and you can pay with cash or credit card. Not a good place if you're looking to be alone... This place was packed. Not really a fan of the beach but I still managed to enjoy myself. Wear sunscreen and always remember, if you think you shouldn't be wearing that bathing suit, you shouldn't be wearing that bathing suit. On a side note, this coastal area of NC is really conservative. There was a slight stench of wealthy class warfare and religious zealotry in the air... (Or maybe that was just the scary right-wing radio station we were listening to..... For laughs, of course.)

Thumbs up, Trailmixxxers.

View from the moon roof

Lake Wheeler- Raleigh, NC 6/21/11

View from Google Earth.

Location:Lake Wheeler, Raleigh NC
Date: 6/21/2011
How far we went: Didn't feel like tracking in canoe.
How long it took us: Rental was only for an hour (We're cheap)
Elevation reached: n/a
Weather: Overcast, humid.

Short little canoeing trip on Lake Wheeler. Rental was not that much, $4 or $5 perhaps. I suggest having two people if you're really trying to haul ass. I mean, not that the point of a relaxing trip is to haul ass, but that is how we like it here at Trail Mixxx. Anyways, saw a bird (Heron, maybe?) and if anyone wants to identify it for us that would be great. Not a bad way to spend a morning with a friend, lover, or even an enemy.

View of the lake

Our spot where we decided to chill

Can you see the bird?