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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Eldora Mountain Resort, Trip #2- 12/16/2012, Nederland, CO

Taking a break.
First post of 2013 and way too late!!! 

This was our second outing to Eldo. We saw a storm was on the way the night before so we decided it was time to see some fresh snow. By the time it was all said and done, there was about 5-6 new inches. Snowed all day and since it was still early in the season we had much of the mountain to ourselves. A few more runs had opened but not nearly as many that are open at this point in time (1/29). I will say though, for obvious reasons, having a little bit of fresh powder makes all the difference in the world. Snowboarding is a different beast than skiing, but I enjoy it and look forward to hitting up some other Colorado resorts/ski areas soon.

Three things I've noticed that have bothered me so far:

-The lifts are antiquated. They are rickety and slow. You'll get used to this, but still it's worth noting.
-Their webpage has a grooming report, and often it is WRONG. I specifically went on this day not only cause it was snowing, but because they had supposedly opened another lift and some more runs. Turns out that was only half true. There has been inaccuracies 3/4 times we have been so far. The iPhone app I have that tells me the same information is also frequently wrong. They should also have another webcam. The one on their site is annoyingly deceptive and vague. I'm sure another one could be purchased easily considering what they charge for food. (More pricey than the movies, similar to going to a concert and getting gouged.)

One of the bunny lifts

Sliding around. We were only two people on this run..
More fun.

Naomi trying to catch some speed.

Trekking to  other lift.

Love Subaru.

Frozen lake right before you reach Nederland.