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Friday, October 10, 2014

Horsetooth Moutain Open Space- South Ridge Trail

Location:South Ridge Trail in Horsetooth Mountain Open Space
Date: 8/31/2014 
How far we went: 2.6 miles each way for a total of 5.2mi
How long it took us: Didn't keep track
Weather: Overcast and drizzle. Cold winds at the top.

The South Ridge trail in an intermediate ascent into Horsetooth Mountain Open Space. Not much in the way of technical terrain but the climb up is steep enough where I think it would be a little much for the inexperienced or out-of-shape. As you get further towards the top you'll have the westward view towards the Continental Divide that you cannot get from most of the trails in Horsetooth and adjacent Lory State Park.. It'll cost you $6 for a parking permit. If you're coming on a Saturday, Sunday, or holiday in the middle of peak season be prepared to not have a parking space if you don't come early. This is the back-yard of Fort Collins and us locals love to get outside and get our nature fix. Don't forget to have fun, enjoy the views and watch out for the horse shit as it's a multi-use trail. 

Well Gulch Trail at Lory State Park- 9/1/2014

Location:Well Gulch Trail in Lory State Park
Date: 9/1/2014
How far we went: 2.53mi (full trail plus some of the West Valley Trail back to parking lot)
How long it took us: 1hr 15min
Elevation reached: 5,507 ft
Weather: Another sunny day in Colorado :)

To view all of the photos in all of their glory, visit my Flickr album here.

This is an easy trail that is exceptionally beautiful in the spring and summer. You can either head up towards the Timber trail then turn around or just hook a loop at the sign when you see it. It's a small extra climb but it's totally worth it if you're looking to kill time. There are some beautiful views of the reservoir any time of year. Just as a small note, when you finish the Well Gulch trail it will leave you a small distance where you'll have to trek back on the West Valley trail (northwards) back to where you parked. It's not that far but it has confused people before. Make sure to respect the trails! 

The highlighted red section is the Well Gulch trail. Note where it ends and the mach back to the parking lot.