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Monday, April 6, 2015

Lee Martinez Park, 600 N. Sherwood St, Fort Collins, Colorado

Hey all of you Fort Collins denizens and visitors to this beautiful place! This is the first of a series of posts over the Spring and Summer in which I will detail the parks and open spaces of town. We have a lot to offer, but the official town website only has the bare minimum information so I will try and detail these parks to give the reader a little bit more insight about these spaces.  We start with our first, :Lee Martinez Park which is located next to the Fort Collins Museum of discovery at the very North end of Mason st. Not hard to find at all. 

The park has a farm for the kids, basketball courts, a playground, separate jungle-gym for exercising, connecting bike/walking trails, baseball fields, bathrooms as well as a outlet to the Poudre Trail. I have never been to this park and not seen people so don't expect to "get away" from anyone here. However, if you head around on the opposite sides of the center field fences (Not on the fields, the other side) there is a somewhat secluded place to get some meditation or stretching on. I love Fort Collins, but we're not perfect so I will tell you if you are in the park early in the morning or late at night, be careful watching out for transients and other homeless people as downtown is close and the train riding season is in full swing. This goes double when the season turns beautiful. Don't let that dissuade you though. This is definitely a great place to spend some quality time with friends and family.

Pros: Near downtown, clean, bathrooms, variety of things to do in park, large playground. 

Cons: Proximity to homeless population, sometimes overcrowded