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Friday, May 9, 2014

MTB: Lory State Park- East and West Valley Trails

The East and West Valley Trails at Lory State Park
Location: Lory State Park, East/West Valley Trails
Date: 5/6/2014
How far we went: 4.96mi
How long it took me: Around 39 min for both trails
Elevation reached: 5600ft
Weather: Overcast, mild.

The East and West Valley trails provide a nice easy ride that put you between the shore and the road on the East side and between the mountain and the road on the West side. I was riding at a brisk pace but randomly stopped here and there to snap a photo or read a sign. With that said it took me around 39 minutes to do both trails.

The trails consists of mainly easy going with some small up and downhill challenges that take some small maneuvering. Minor switchbacking and some small rock jumps are there should you choose. An easy trail is as difficult and fun as you make it and I've easily found myself going way too fast or being overconfident and have almost caused great spills. But honestly, that's why we do this shit.

These trails are shared with pedestrians and people on horseback. Make sure you're polite and show proper trail etiquette.

If you're visiting from a flat area and/or not used to hills or actual mountain biking terrain, I suggest you: 1. Make sure you have your safety equipment in order, a helmet at the very least. 2. Spend 20 or 30 minutes getting comfortable at the Corral Center Mountain Bike Park. (If you look at the picture above, it's that square shaped cleared out area to the left of "End) and 3. Make sure you're comfortable on these trails before heading up further into Lory.

Anyways, have fun and be safe!

MTB: Corral Center Mountain Bike Park- Lory State Park- 5/6/2014

First Mountain Bike Post! ... And since it is my first MTB post I'll start small. Here is the Corral Center Mountain Bike Park in Lory State Park, It's right near the entrance and will cost you $7 if you bring your bike in via vehicle or $3 if you make there on a bike.

The weather is beautiful in N. Colorado during the spring so what could be better than as nice day out on two wheels? Here in Fort Collins we are fortunate enough to have this stuff practically in our back yard. If you're getting acquainted with a mountain bike or just wanna have some fun this is a great place to start.

There are three different parts to the area with increasing difficulty: Skills area, pump track, and dirt jumps.

The skills area is definitely where you want to get comfortable, especially if this is your first time doing some actual trail riding. Basic obstacles include structures for balance, turns, small jumps/hops, and loose terrain.

The pump track is a looping track of bumps and rollers where the rider absorbs and compresses the bike without pedaling to make it through the loop. A pretty decent workout!

Here is the dirt jumps at the park. They are divided into three different lines in order of increasing difficulty. If this is your first time hitting the jumps make sure you are aware of what you're doing and start small!

Overall, a great place to hone your skills if you are a beginner or expert. If it's your first time hitting the trails at Lory or if you are used to riding that is a little more tame, then be sure to check this place out before hitting the trails. It's usually never busy!