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Monday, March 28, 2011

Grandfather Mountain (Nuwati, Cragway, Daniel Boone Scout Trails) Linville, NC- 3/16/2011

Location: Grandfather Mountain (Nuwati, Cragway, Daniel Boone)
Date: 3/16/2011
How far we went: 5.66mi
How long it took us: 4:03:57
Elevation reached: 1658ft.
Weather: Overcast, cold, windy, wet/muddy with a good bit of fog. 

Scenically, this is the best place I have visited in North Carolina. The weather was awful but we did not come all this way for nothing. We were surprised to see some snow as we set off and hit up Storytellers Rock. It was nice sitting up there and looking into the beautiful clouded sky. The wind howling and clouds descending on the mountain side made it feel like we were hiking in the clouds at certain points. Pretty surreal. As we headed from the Nuwati to Daniel Boone through the Cragway there were many rocks to perch ourselves on and enjoy the view. (Although I believe that is against the rules) It is what it is. 

From the Nuwati trail.

On top of Storyteller's Rock.

View from Cragway trail.

Crossing of Daniel Boone Scout and Cragway.

Clouds and wind. 

View from Blue Ridge Parkway 1.

View from Blue Ridge Parkway 2.

Grandfather Mountain (Profile Trail) Linville, NC- 3/15/2011

Part of the Profile Trail on Google Earth. Recorded by Motion X GPS for the iPhone 4

Part of the Profile Trail on Google Earth. Recorded by Motion X GPS for the iPhone 4

Location: Grandfather Mountain (Profile Trail)
Date: 3/15/2011
How far we went: 2.71mi
How long it took us: 1:37:1
Elevation reached: 4401ft.
Weather: Overcast, cold, windy, wet/muddy

We arrived late and were not able to finish the trail before the sun set and the park closed so we did as much as we reasonably could. The trail was pretty nice with lots of water at the bottom and windy the higher we traveled. It was very muddy though, boots and bottom of pants were completely covered. If you're traveling on a backpacking trip and want to hit one of the campsites at the top I suggest going ahead up on this trail. Those on the other side would probably give you a little bit more trouble with a pack on. 


Water at bottom of trail.
Tree roots.
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Thursday, March 10, 2011

NCSU Schenck Forest/Carl Schenck Memorial Forest: 3/10/2011

Part of the Frances L. Liles/Loblolly Trails on Google Earth. Recorded by Motion X GPS for the iPhone 4

Location: Schenck Forrest (Frances L. Liles/Loblolly Trail)
Date: 3/10/2011
How far we went: 3.23mi
How long it took us: 1:24:24
Elevation reached: 501ft.
Weather: Overcast, chilly, wet/muddy.

A moderate and very plain trail. I guess the actual area is split up between the Carl Schenck Memorial Forest and the NCSU Schenck Forest where the NCSU Forestry/Natural Science students do their labs and outdoor stuff. It's an okay trail, but you'll constantly find yourself bumping up against I-40 and the non-stop sounds of vehicles and the occasional train. The only redeeming part of the trail (in my humble opinion) is the fact you can't bring dogs. Nothing against dog people, it's just nice not having them running all over the place cause you know how some people all letting their animals run wild. However, it is a nice break from Umstead if that is your park of choice. The Loblolly trail actually connects Schenck and Umstead if you feel like walking between the two. 
<----Video of a stream from the forest. Don't forget to view in HD!!!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Eno River: Buckquarter Creek/Ridge/Shakori/Holden's Mill Trails

Buckquarter Creek/Ridge/Shakori/Holden's Mill Trails on Google Earth. Recorded by Motion X GPS for the iPhone 4

Fews Ford

Moving Water from Holden's Mill Loop.

Location: Eno River State Park (Buckquarter Creek/Ridge/Shakori/Holden's Mill Trails)
Date: 2/28/2011
How far we went: 7.16mi
How long it took us: 3:09:21
Elevation reached: 738ft.
Weather: Overcast, comfortable breeze.

We left for this trail in high spirits because I had read some decent things about the Shaorki trail in Eno River. We had to walk Buckquarter Creek and Ridge trails to get there and I enjoyed Ridge more than the end goal of the Shakori. We had a decent time though and did it quickly so Joey and I decided to embark on the Holden's Mill trail/loop. That ended up being pretty scenic along the river and then on the way back makes a pretty decent climb. I would like to go camping one night and actually hang out on the rocks on the river at night time and see the stars. Will be doing that soon. 

  <----- This is what I mean when I say I want to camp out and just lay by the rocks on the river. This is the kind thing I am referring to. This is from the Holden's Mill loop. (Click on 720 HD for best quality)

We found this house while on the Buckquarter Creek trail. We had to go off the trail to see it up close. was pretty creepy.

Lots of rocks and some moving water to see for most of the way, especially on the Holden's Mill trail.
On the way to Buckquarter Creek Trail.  
Turtles along the river. Very skiddish, they were.

Jordan Lake: Red and Blue Trails- 2/20/1011

Red & Blue Trails on Google Earth. Recorded by Motion X GPS for the iPhone 4.

Beginning of the trail counter-clockwise

Me overlooking the water.

Another basic view of the lake.

Location: Jordan Lake (Blue and Red Trail)
Date: 2/20/2011
How far we went: 5.16mi
How long it took us: 2:18:54
Elevation reached: 434ft
Weather: Sunny, but chilly. 

Decided to be adventurous on back to back days and headed down to Jordan Lake on the Red and Blue trails because they were apparently the most challenging. Some minor ups and downs as you come close to the water. However, when you're this far away from the metropolitan area (Raleigh), you expect your mind to be taken off mass consumption and our throw away culture. That's why I hike, so I can get away from the insanity and information overload.... Anyways, as you come close to this beautiful (but small) body of water, you see all the trash and crap all up and down the shores from where garbage has been discarded into the water. Pathetic, really. That combined with the 20-30 people we came across made it not of my favorite places. Maybe I need to revisit, only next time be on the water instead.